Do Not MISS the Boat!

DO NOT miss this opportunity to get YOUR BOAT recognized.

For those who operate charters off their boats, or have businesses related to the fishing industry, this is a major opportunity for massive marketing exposure. If you REGISTER by August 16, you will be included in our and radio ad campaign.

On August 18th and August 25th, the Newburyport Shark and Tuna Tournament will be conducting homepage website takeovers for both stations. Any Boston and New England listeners of the Sports Talk or the Voice of Boston stations that go to or on August 18 or August 25, will become immediately aware of the tournament.

Every sidebar, header, side-rail and footer will be dedicated to the Newburyport Shark and Tuna Tournament. Each of our ads will link back to a landing page exclusively dedicated to the radio campaign.  On that landing page visitors are invited to visit a list featuring all of our 2016 participants. This list contains contact information and links to any participant who owns/operates a charter or fishing company.

DON’T MISS this opportunity to have your charter or fishing company seen by more than 2 million radio listeners. ACT NOW and get discovered.

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